California is one of the most active seismic zones of the world reason why in this territory have been determined 8 zones of volcanic influence which in future could be epicenter of volcanic eruptions.

active volcanoes in california

California is a State of USA, it is located to the East of the U.S. bordering the State of Oregon to the North, Nevada already Arizona to the East, to the South borders with Mexico and West Ocean Pacific. Its geography location makes California one of the States with the greatest volume of active volcanic craters in the country.

The Cascade Range, which runs through the State of california from South to North is part of the ring of fire, which the scientists have dubbed as the most active volcanic area in the world. Along the Ridge are more than 500 volcanic vents of which at least 76 of them have erupted on occasion during the last 10000 years, and although many of them are now inactive most likely will be that in the future these vents come to be activated again.

Mount Shasta volcano
Mount Shasta volcano – By USGS

In terms of active volcanoes in California are listed at least 20 volcanoes that today still show signs of activity, within the list of 20 volcanoes stands Mount Shasta which occupies the first place among the volcanoes monitored United States busiest permanently by the USGS.

List of volcanoes in California

The table below lists 20 volcanoes in the State of california, describing its location, height, activity and other characteristics of each volcano.

california volcanoes map

volcano Eruption Type height last eruption
Amboy Explosivo 300 m 6000 years ago
Brushy Butte Explosivo 1174 m 2400 yeras ago
Clear Lake effusive 1439 m 10000 years ago
Coso Explosivo 2400 m 10000 years ago
Eagle Lake effusive 1652 m 10000 years ago
Golden Trout Creek Explosivo 2886 m 10000 years ago
Inyo cráteres Explosivos 2629 m 50 years
Lassen volcano Explosivos 3189 m 104 years
Lavic Lake volcano Explosivos 1495 m
Long Valley volcano Explosivos 3390 m 57000 years
Mammoth Mountain volcano effusive 3369 m 40 years
Medicine Lake volcano effusive 2414 m 100 years
Cráteres mono volcano Explosivos 2796 m 1000 years
lake Mono volcano Explosivos 2121 m 100 years
Mount Shasta volcano Explosivos 4322 m 232 years
Silver Lake volcano Explosivos 1535 m 10000 years ago
Tumble Buttes volcano strombolian 2191 m 15000 yeras ago
Twin Buttes volcano Explosivos 1631 m 10000 years ago
Ubehebe cráteres volcano Explosivos 752 m 6000 years ago