The flags of the Nations are usually designed according to the story of the country or reflecting in its structure and color something representative for each nation. The case of the flag of the United States is no exception for each element it represents something in particular, then explain in a practical way the American flag symbolism and the structure of the flag of the United States

Structure of the flag of the United States

american flag

This flag consists of a blue rectangle in the upper left part, which houses a set of white stars at the same time. On the other hand the rest of the flag is composed of 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes interspersed among them.

Meaning of the flag

stars of american flagAs I had mentioned above each of the elements thus represents something specific, the located at the top left star refer to States putting a star for each State that makes up the nation. Thus to this day are 50 stars for a total of 50 States.

stripes of american flagThe 13 stripes of red and white colors refer to the 13 colonies that fought for independence and which in principle were the first 13 States that make up this nation.


Meaning of the colors of the American flag

As for the colors of its original design, these also have a special meaning reason that were used to create the flag.

  • White: The white color  was used represented the purity and innocence of the inhabitants of the United States
  • Red: This refers to the courage as well as the representative value in U.S. residents.
  • Blue: Used dark blue representing justice and perseverance of the people who has led the country to the Summit of development.