Rabbits have long been a pet option for people, they are very tender, docile animals that do not take up much space and also do not require much time to spend with them.

We should keep in mind some things like for example the space in which the rabbit will live, if it will be in a cage or have an exclusive room or if you want some special breed.

The rabbits should also go to the vet,make sure he is a doctor specialized in exotic animals. The medical check up should include a stool examination to rule out intestinal parasites and other illnesses.

The rabbits should also be vaccinated every 6 months against myxomatosis which is a disease transmitted by fleas and mosquitoes and if you are going to have more than one rabbit in the house you should be vaccinated against the viral hemorrhagic disease.

The teeth should have your attention constantly,it turns out that the teeth grow constantly and that is why the rabbits should chew a lot to “file” them and avoid problems with their teeth,it is necessary that you provide them with tree branches,hay,cardboard or wood which help them to wear out their teeth.

Their nails should be cut often, they can damage the tooth enamel, you can use the cat nail clippers.


On the market you can also find concentrate for rabbits. Its diet can be complemented with vegetables and of course you can’t miss water and hay as we told you before. These foods can be distributed in the following way: 50% of the daily food should be hay, 40% vegetables and 10% concentrate.

The vegetables you can give him are celery, chard, paprika, rocket, cucumber, beet, dandelion, spinach, carrot, lettuce, broccoli, tomato, cabbage and fresh herbs.

Never give them onion, garlic, cauliflower or potatoes. It is also better to avoid fruits because of their high sugar content.


The coat of the rabbit should be brushed, at least 3 or 4 times a week. But if it is a breed with long hair it should be brushed every day. This is done with the purpose (as in cats) of avoiding the hair balls which although normal can become deadly if they are not able to expel them.

Keep in mind that the rabbit is an animal which bites and gnaws by instinct. So the place you are going to dedicate to it should have the right conditions. If you don’t want it to damage any furniture, it’s better not to leave it within reach, and be careful with the cables too.

Rabbits are also very active animals. If you are going to keep it in a cage for at least three hours a day, let it out to run, perhaps in the garden or on the balcony. If you are going to have a complete room keep in mind the previous advice.

The ears and eyes of the rabbits can also be cleaned, especially if you notice any lizards or dirty ears. The cleaning should be done with a damp gauze and as these are such delicate areas you should do it gently.