Covid-19 microscope view

Thousands of new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the USA in recent weeks. This has prompted authorities to consider whether to resume the school system or shut down the economy again.

Last week, more than 1,000 people died over four days from the virus. This brings the total number of deaths in the US to more than 146,000 according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

And researchers also estimate up to 175,000 related deaths before August 15 according to a forecast published by the United States CDC.

However, despite these alarming figures, Walt Disney World Resort reopened its doors in Florida regardless of the worrying increase in cases of the virus in this city.

Last Sunday, state authorities confirmed 15,300 new cases with 45 deaths on the same day. Registering Florida with the highest number of known cases in a single day.

In total, more than 4 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Florida. Positioning itself among the first positions in the states with the most confirmed cases in the USA due to its tourist popularity.

So, is there a new closure for the country?

Although many citizens hoped that activities would resume normally this will not be possible. After almost five months since President Trump began measures against the pandemic, the United States is once again experiencing a rebound in new cases.

The country registered last Friday a daily record of confirmed cases with 45,330.

This new situation is generating pressure and nervousness in various states. Until taking them to the point of suspending again the economic reactivation plans.

Fewer deaths

This new phase facing the United States is also characterized by a decrease in the number of deaths. White House spokesman Jayleigh McEnany said he was going in the right direction. Since for the first time in a long time, death rates per day had dropped to less than 300 deaths per day.

On the other hand, what has most alarmed the authorities in this new outbreak of the virus. It is that the increase in cases and the decrease in deaths are due to the fact that the new confirmed cases are mostly of young people.

CDC Director Robert Redfield said the youth have helped drive the increase in cases in the country.

In Florida, one of the most affected states so far, it reduced the average age of infections from mallet to June from 65 to 35 years of age. While in Arizona half of the cases correspond to people between 20 and 44 years old.

As of last Wednesday, 88% of the beds available in hospital intensive care units were occupied in Arizona.

Tom Frieden claims that there is a gap of several weeks between infections and deaths. So the effects of this new aggressive outbreak will take time to see.

In addition to this concern about the new outbreak of the virus, there is also worry about the protests. Previous to the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. The authorities don’t know yet what repercussions this type of conduct may have on the general health of the country.