The President of the United States can assure you that it is very well given estimate the size of the crowds and I affirm that there are 10000 people in the caravan of migrants who moves into their country, I also reiterate that you will use to military force to avoid entering United States.

Do not Enter Donald Trump

On Tuesday the President of the United States affirm that the caravan of migrants there are about 10,000 people, also said that evidence that have Middle East terrorists, there is no but if there is such a possibility.

Not enter”was Trump what he said when asked about the fate of people who are moving from Central America on course Mexico – United States.

“We will have to call our military if necessary, but we cannot allow that to happen. We cannot allow our country to be violated so”, said.

In reference to its estimate of the number of migrants, the President said “when you look at the huge group of people that he was on the bridge (on the border between Mexico and Guatemala on Friday), I think that they were far more than 5,000 people”

migrants caravan

Trump warned yesterday that among the immigrants of the caravan there are ” criminals and unknown people of Middle East”, without giving more details, once U.S. conservative media speculate the possibility that terrorists of the Group Islamic State (ISIS) is they had infiltrated.

Asked today about if it has data showing it, Trump replied: “there is no evidence of anything, but it could be perfectly”.

Trump has threatened to “close” militarily the border with Mexico, where there is already deployed some 2,200 members of the National Guard, and has ensured that it will cut us economic aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for not having stopped the caravan .