Overweight is commonly associated with the prolonged consumption of nutso, this is due to nutritional information that offer these foods, because if you look at the calories in a bag of nuts will be surprised to find that only 100 grams of these fruits can bring more than 600 kilocalories.

In theory if a person consume a full bag of nuts (150 grams) with this calorie content, would be consuming about 1000 calories, which would lead to overweight or obesity in a short time.nuts to lose weigh

So far, it appears that the excessive consumption of nuts can lead to being overweight, but not everything is said, because science has shown that this food despite its high caloric content does not represent any health problem.

In one of many studies, which was a follow-up to almost 10000 people that they regularly consumed nuts, the result was completely contrary to that thought, because it evidencio a remarkable loss of weight in relation to the consumption of these foods.get fat or lose weight

In 2010 another study conducted by National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), which analyzed a sample of 13000 people, the results affirm that those individuals who consumed nuts noticed a minor abdominal obesity.

Thus scientific observational studies not related directly nuts or dried fruit with obesity, we precede now assess the results of intervention studies, i.e added new behavior to include nuts in the diet of the people.

So in 2009 were published the results of Effects of walnut consumption on blood lipids and other cardiovascular risk factors, the bravery this study data confirm further that there is no direct correlation of the consumption of nuts with the overweight, is more in Sometimes the results showed that you between greater was the consumer the person obtained a slight weight loss.

As none of the studies can be seen could prove that nuts cause overweight, but then what about the calorie content of this food?

Before this questioning some theories claim that there are other variables that affect the body when it comes to the consumption of nuts, for example in this case difficult digestion of nuts, as well as the fiber-containing and satiating feeling of hunger that they produce, that the consumption of nuts is especially benign.

In conclusion with the results of scientific studies, we can say that nuts are not fattening and it is also beneficial for the body to consume them daily without any problems, provided that the product is natural, i.e. no adding other components such as oil or sugar.