As he told yesterday, chinese app is going to be forbidden in USA. The app has been charged with using the data for espionage purposes.

TikTok logo

Recently, a hacker group called themselves “Anonymous”, told that the app is used by Chinese government for spying people and recommend not to use it.

TikTok is also known in China as Douyin. It is a social mobile app to create and share short videos and it is a great hit in all the world, specially among teenagers.

It is owned by th Chinese giant Bytedance and has more than 500 millions of users per month.

TikTok’s CEO, Kevin Mayer has denied this allegations and has told that they are not a political company, but only an entertainment platform.

Trump’s decision can be a major setback for the Chinese company, being left out of one of its largests markets.

This decision has been taken for security matters, and it is framed in the growing tension between the two countries due to coronavirus crisis.