In the capital of the United States Donald Trump referred to the situation in Venezuela, highlighting the marches carried out yesterday in this country by opponents to the government of Nicolas Maduro, so that he leaves power and hold new elections presidential elections under the observation of international entities.

guaidó whit trump

In his official Twitter account the president wrote “Large protests all across Venezuela today against Maduro. The fight for freedom has begun! ”

It is worth mentioning that in recent days thousands of Venezuelan opponents led by interim president Juan Guaidó have taken to the streets to march against the regime of Nicolas Maduro and urging the military to ignore the government and allow the entry of humanitarian aid from nearby countries.

Recall that Juan Guaidó who acted as head of the parliament whose majority is of the opposition proclaimed himself president of Venezuela, declaring Maduro as a Usurper of power after his reelection considered illegitimate before the international community. Guaidó has been recognized as legitimate president by a good number of Latin American countries, Europeans and with greater strength of the central government of the United States, who have also offered economic and even military aid if necessary.

On January 23, United States President Donald Trump communicated with Guaidó to congratulate him on his assumption of power in Venezuela, and also offered him full support in the situations that are necessary. In the end the two leaders agreed to maintain communication in order to take Venezuela along the path of stability and democracy.