Donald Trump’s presidency according to polls has 39% approval. Being the lowest percentage of all the presidents of the United States.

Donald Trump photography

But one must question whether the changes imposed by Trump have been beneficial to the nation. Trump is known as a successful businessman in business. Presenter of television programs. And having as its most characteristic feature its strong personality.

Being an entrepreneur who had no political experience prior, to his arrival to Washington he said, “He would make a big impact.”

Trump as the new US president promised to launch tax and infrastructure initiatives. End the Iran nuclear deal and change US relations with China, Russia and the European Union.

The courts

Trump left his mark on the country’s highest judicial court a few months after assuming the presidency. But his achievements extend beyond his election of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Republicans when they refused to confirm Obama’s nominees for state courts. They left an excessive number of charges that had to be filled by Trump.

Some feared that Trump would not be able to gain confidence as far as the choice of nominees was concerned. But the president exceeded all expectations.


“We will build new roads and streets. As well as bridges and airports. Tunnels and railroads throughout our beautiful nation”

These were the words expressed by Trump in his ambitious opening speech for his new infrastructure investment program. Since then, however, Congress and the administration have focused on healthcare reform and tax reform.

Leaving aside for the moment the talks on infrastructure.


Trump went to great lengths against the Obama-imposed healthcare reform called Obamacare to replace it with a conservative plan. Despite the president’s good intentions, he suffered a dramatic legislative failure.

Currently, Trump has taken steps toward repealing Obamacare. However, this has not shown progress in a new proposal to replace it.


The administration addressed the issue of immigration fairly quickly. Since then, the White House has presented new immigration orders. Where some countries are added to the list of countries with prohibited access to the country and removing one: Sudan.

During Trump’s presidency, immigration efforts have also been redoubled. In addition, the President announced the completion of the Deferred Action program for childhood arrivals. Democrats however resist these measures.

Tax Reform

One of Trump’s biggest accomplishments during his presidency was the 2017 legislative achievement. A tax reform that dramatically cut taxes for businesses and many Americans.

The total cost of the tax changes was estimated to be $1.5 billion in 10 years.


The years of Trump’s presidency have been filled with good economic news. Winning that the stock market reached record levels since the Trump takeover.

Unemployment fell to 4.1%, being its lowest level in 17 years. GDP reached 3.2% in 2017, its highest point since 2015.

These figures generated high economic optimism. Thus increasing the consumer confidence index for 17 years.