It has been six months since the negotiations for the new economic rescue began and, so far, the results continue to be nil. However, as time goes by, new proposals continue to appear.

Last December 1st, a group of bipartisan Senators released their $908 billion bill, which offers various economic relief, such as the extension of unemployment assistance for coronavirus and the cancellation of student loans, just to mention a few. However, a second round of stimulus checks is not included.

In addition, John Delaney, a former representative in the Lower House for Maryland’s sixth district from 2013 to 2019, has launched a proposal to offer a second $1,500 stimulus check for the vaccine. That is, anyone who agrees to get the coronavirus vaccine would receive this economic stimulus.

For his part, Mitch McConnell’s proposal for a lightweight $500 billion package still stands. The Senate majority leader continues to insist that a package with a specific target would be better, so he has shown some opposition to the rest of the proposals mentioned.
Second Stimulus Check: Can It Be Passed Before the New Year?

Whichever proposal Congress favors, it must pass no later than December 9 in the House of Representatives and December 10 in the Senate. The President then signs the bill into law on the 11th and benefits will begin to accrue within two weeks.

That said, if the bill passed includes a second stimulus check, it could be collected by December 28, days before the new year. Now, if Congress does not reach an agreement in the next few days, then the new Administration of President-elect Joe Biden will most likely take over.