The mail has been one of the most important means of communication and although nowadays new technologies have changed the way we send messages, it is still using traditional letters especially in those cases where it is necessary to send information in a way such as signed documents.

Letter to Canada From Usa
Letter to Canada From Usa

Today sending a letter is very easy, because there are no number of companies dedicated to the expressed mail in the market. In this case we will explain how to address a letter to canada from USA.

Once we have our letter ready we will deposit it in an envelope and then seal it to prevent it from being read by third parties, it should be mentioned that the envelope must be marked with the following information.

Sender: Name of the person sending the letter

Recipient: Name of the person addressed to the letter

Next to the recipient’s name must be included, their address, city in Canada and phone number.

Now all that remains is to take the letter to a mail company, some of the most popular courier companies are DHL, FEDEX, ASM, UPS, SEUR, GLS, MRW, Tourline Express, all these companies provide the courier service from United States to Canada.

If you can’t take your letter directly to the mail agency you can choose to order pickup service at your home, so the courier will pick up the package at the door of the house.