It is normal for nations to adopt symbols to represent some particularity of the country, one of the most prominent national symbols is the national bird. The United States has not been exempt from this, and like other countries has adopted a species as an emblem in this case the national bird of USA.

balg eagleThe Bald Eagle is a predatory bird that is found in the North American territory, and despite its name this is characterized by having covered his head of white feathers giving a visual effect as if she were bald. This species was adopted as the national bird, starting from June 20, 1782, since at that time it was believed that this bird only found in this country, besides its majestic features as well as its long life made it the perfect symbol to represent the nation.

Some versions of the story say that you began to appoint to the Eagle as a national symbol since the first battles of the revolution because of the cries of the fight Eagles awoke and began to fly around the Group of fighters of States together, combining their sounds with the screams of the soldiers as if they were a chorus of freedom.

The national bird of the United States is reflected in other symbols of the nation as the national seal, notes and American coins, in the same way this symbol is often used around the world for a number of activities which seeksrepresenting the United States.

eagle national bird

What does the Bald Eagle?

The Bald Eagle refers mainly to freedom thanks to its grandeur ability to fly at high altitudes planning with open wings, likewise its Habitat in the high solitary mountains represents peace and purity of the lands North American.

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