Mexico is a country From north America Which borders the north with the United States, its territory is very extensive and biodiverso Harboring a lot of plants and animals. Vegetation in the Mexican territory is Highlights A plant that grows throughout the country And whose flower has been called as the national flower of Mexico.

This plant is the Dalia Whose flower opens in multiple petals of colors Thus giving shape to a spectacular flower that sprouts a delicious aroma. Some species of dahlias are endemic to Mexico That is to say that only grow in this territory, however other species have been extended by center America And South america.


According to historians, the Aztecs called this plant “xicamiti” which meant sweet potato blossom, they also called it “acocoxóchit” That means stalk with water this by the characteristic of the plant that stores a lot of water in its stalk Zumbo. The domestication and use in ornamentation was born in the Mexican indigenous tribes who cultivated and reproduced to obtain new varieties.

At the time of the Spanish colony was given the name of jicamite Being an adaptation to the Aztec name, during this time the dahlias were used to decorate the temples, elaboration of fragrances and natural dyes for the cotton.

dalia mexico

Dalia’s name Born in 1784 by the director of the Garden Botanist of Madrid who Received The seeds the cultivation being enchanted by the beauty of the flower. Antonio assigned the name The name of Dahlia pinnata, in honor of the Swedish botanist Dahl, student of Linnaeus.

On 1963 President Adolfo Lopez Mateos declared the Dalia as a symbol of national floriculture, since then the Dalia is considered the national flower of Mexico And from 2008 it is celebrated on August 4 as the National Day of the dahlias.

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