Onecoin is a Criptomoneda promoted by the company OneLife who through its network dand affiliates ínsita To the exchange of currency among its users. Onecoinó To the market of the Criptomonedas in 2014 in Gibraltar, its main objective from the beginning was to reach the international market taking advantage of the wide growth that by then Had The Bitcoin.

one coin y one life

This coin has been highly criticized since its launch and largely due to the Media that uses the Company OneLife to Cataptar and Incite People to market Your Criptomoneda. OneLife has sold many of its currencies under the formality of sales of educational packages, ie if a person wants to invest in this Criptomoneda must first acquire a course provided by OneLife which brings some extra benefits, As a bonus on your walleta OneCoin and access to an exclusive community where you can market products and pay them with your OneCoins.

In the United States the company OneLife and its currency Onecoin Has not had A good reception and from 2015 Onecoin has not operated in this country, Which is why mistrust has increased in investors. Many  Accuse Onlife To use a pyramidal structure in the marketing of its educational products and management of Criptomoneda.

At the end of December 2018 the Exdirector general From OneLife Sebastian Greenwood  He was arrested and extradited to the United States accused of washing Assets, however OneLife was pronounced in this respect claiming that Sebastián Greenwood never managed the company and that the solo was an IMA master Distributor. The debate still remains with parties in favor of OneCoin And a counterpart in opposition biased to the dark structure of his promoter OneLife company.