The eye of the cow is very similar to the human eye, its main function is to capture the light present in the environment and bring the information to the brain where it is transformed into images. One of the differences more transcendental between her human and bovine eye is that in the first case the size of the eyeball is bigger, reason why are observed in more intense colors.

To observe parts of the cow eye in general it tends to be the cow eye dissection, this activity involves taking a cow eye and begin to cut it so you can see each of the parts that make up the body.

In the picture below there are some of the parts most important cow eye, later we will be, comparing this information with the images obtained in the process of of the cow eye

We will now observe the parts of the eye of a cow, after dissection of this body

parts con eye

As the main parts of the eye can be seen in the two images are

Cornea: The cornea is a structure of the eye which allows the passage of light from the outside to the inside of the eye and protects the iris and the lens.

Iris: Is the area of color in the eye, in cows usually is of dark.

Pupil: Is a circle that it is in the middle of the iris, this can change size according to the intensity of light in the environment.

Lens: the lens or lens is located just behind the iris and before the humor I glass, its main function is to focus on the images.

Sclera: is an outer layer which covers the eye from the cornea to the optic nerve, thus avoiding possible external conditions.

Macula: is a small area of the retina, at the back of the eye, which allows you to see fine details with quality.

Optic nerve leaving: is the conduit by which two-way information between Chandler and the eye is transferred.

Retina: The retina is the organelle that converts images or light lens signals and transforms them into nerve pulses to be carried to the brain.