rock_n_roll posterThe movie Rock’n’ Roll (Cosas de la edad)  is a genre comedy film starring and directed by Guillaume Canet, under the screenplay of Philippe Lefebvre and Rodolphe Lauga. It has a cast of well-known actors such as Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Johnny Hallyday, Jeanne Damas, Kev Adams, Gilles Lellouche, Guillaume Faure, Xavier Alcan, Norbert Ferrer, Hugo Dillon, Camille Rowe, Philippe Lefebvre, Ben Foster, Yvan Attal, Alain Attal, Yarol Poupaud, Maxim Nucci, Annie Mercier, Thomas Goldberg, Arnaud Henriet, Thierry Pietra, Nicolas Benoît, Camille Razat, Sophie Mousel. It premiered in 2017 and thanks to the acting role of Guillaume Canet was nominated for the Cesar awards in the category of best actor.


The life story of the renowned actor Guillaume Canet goes through the best moments, he has everything a person dreams of in his life; professional success, money, a spectacular woman and a son of whom he is proud. However one day his co-star on stage of a film that is being filmed tells him openly that his glory days in cinema has ended, he has become an old man and is no longer “rock ‘n’ roll”. This is a very hard blow for Guillaume Canet who, in order to overcome this impasse and prove himself still young, tries to change his home lifestyle by getting involved in a number of anecdotes.

Curious notes

In the filming participates the actor and singer Johnny Hallyday, who died some time later. Given this Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard paid him a tribute and these were the words of Canet: “We will miss you terribly, but your voice, your eyes and your smile will remain with us forever. Rest in peace, my friend.”

In real life, the actor and filmmaker Guillaume Canet is a couple of Marion Cotillard. The movie jokes about what life is like for a couple with a well-known star.

It is a film where the actors represent themselves such is the case of Marion Cotillard. Also the rest of the cast such as Philippe Lefebvre, Gilles Lellouche, Camille Rowe, Kev Adams or Ben Foster.


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