Support from Donald Trump: “I trust the leadership of President Mauricio Macri”

This Tuesday the president of the United States Donald Trump had a long talk by telephone with Mauricio Macri president of Argentina, this fact took place in the middle of the negotiations in the IMF, that takes ahead his minister of economy Nicolás Dujovne.

trump and macri

After the phone call the white house issued an official statement, where the same president Donald Trump said the following referring to the Argentine president and the Argentine economy “is doing an excellent job in the face of this very difficult economic and financial situation”

The message delivered in the White House by President Trump began by mentioning “the strong support of the United States to Argentina at this time,” he also said “I trust President Macri’s leadership and I strongly support him in his commitment to the IMF to strengthen the financial and monetary policies of Argentina to boost its current economic challenges ”

macri speaks with trump

The Republican leader stressed the importance of maintaining pleasant relations with Argentina, likewise, he highlighted Argentina as a historical strategic partner of the United States and an important extra NATO ally. ”

Both presidents plan to continue to maintain a fluid contact and expressed their desire to meet again at the margins of the next General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, at the end of September.