The United States is a sovereign country located in the northern part of the continent of America, within its territory governed by a set of laws established by the national government and the congress of the republic, one of these rules is the circulation and issuance of a single currency national which corresponds to the US dollar.

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The dollar has been established as an official currency of United States since April 2, 1792 and since then thanks to the strong economy of this country has been listed as one of the most valued currencies which is why it has been adopted in several nations.

Current US Dollar denomination

Currencies in circulation

american coins

Denomination Common name Portrait and design date Reverse motif and design date Weight Diameter
Cent penny Abraham Lincoln Union Shield 2.5 g 0.75 in
(19.05 mm)
(0.088 oz)
Five-Cents nickel Thomas Jefferson Monticello 5.0 g 0.835 in
(21.21 mm)
(0.176 oz)
Dime dime Franklin D. Roosevelt olive branch, torch, oak branch 2.268 g 0.705 in
10¢ (17.91 mm)
(0.08 oz)
Quarter Dollar quarter George Washington Various; five designs per year 5.67 g 0.955 in
25¢ (24.26 mm)
(0.2 oz)
Half Dollar half John F. Kennedy Presidential Seal 11.34 g 1.205 in
50¢ (30.61 mm)
(0.4 oz)
Dollar coin dollar coin, golden dollar Profile of Sacagaweawith her child, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau Bald eagle in flight (2000–2008), Various; new design per year 8.10 g 1.043 in
$1 (26.50 mm)
(0.286 oz)

Banknotes in circulation

American banknotes

Denomination Portrait Reverse motif First series Latest series Circulation
One Dollar George Washington Great Seal of the United States Series 1935 Series 2017[51] Wide
Two Dollars Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull Series 1976 Series 2013 Limited
Five Dollars Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Memorial Series 2006 Series 2013 Wide
Ten Dollars Alexander Hamilton U.S. Treasury Series 2004A Series 2017 Wide
Twenty Dollars Andrew Jackson White House Series 2004 Series 2017 Wide
Fifty Dollars Ulysses S. Grant United States Capitol Series 2004 Series 2013 Wide
One Hundred Dollars Benjamin Franklin Independence Hall Series 2009 Series 2013 Wide