Some countries have established diplomatic and political restrictions on the entry of people from other Nations in its territories, one of the most popular means of control is the visa, which is an authorization issued by a country to free a person for Enter and exit from their territories within a stipulated period. In addition to the visa some Nations may also request requirements such as proof of income, tourist cards, membership of vaccination among others.

Colombia is a country which has treaties with some countries for example Mercosur which provides total freedom residents Colombian to countries members of this organization without further requirements as an identity document. In addition there is another group of countries where visa is not required, however it is likely that prompted another type of requirement as proof of reservation to travel round-trip u another document that ensures his departure from that country.

The third group are those countries that require a visa to allow the legal entry of Colombian citizens in its territory, this list is headed by United States destination most attended by the Colombian people, attracted by its stable economy conducive to perform the so-called American dream.

We then relate the type of requirement of each country in the three groups mentioned above.

visa requeriments map

Mercosur partner countries

Countries of free entry (Mercosur)
Country Visa requirement Allowed stay
Ecuador Visa not required 90 days
Perú Visa not required 90 days
Bolivia Visa not required 90 days
Brazil Visa not required 90 days
Uruguay Visa not required 90 days
Paraguay Visa not required 90 days
Chile Visa not required 90 days
Argentina Visa not required 90 days