The United States is one of the countries with the greatest demand for flowers in the world and Although this product is catalogued for occasional sale It manages to market more than 8 billion dollars a year a figure that converts the Market Of flowers as one of the most important in the market American.

It should be mentioned that the United States also produces some species of flowers such as Tulips garberas and lilies However production in recent years has declined due to competition with international flowers, since the climatic conditions of the United States disadvantage national production with respect to tropical countries like Colombia, Ecuador Venezuela Whose climate they stable Allows greater Production of flowers in different varieties

rose the most important flower

The rose is Considered the national flower of USA and in turn is The flower More Consumed The country, according to studies carried out in 2007, the Imports of roses were 400 million dollars equivalent to 41% of the total imported for that year.

As far as consumers can be grouped into two groups, Frequent consumers and consumers Occasional, the first group distinguishes itself by making purchases of flowers constantly, being predisposed to buy them goes directly to the specialized florists in certain varieties. The second group refers to those people who buy at certain dates for example the Day of San ValentínThe Day Of the woman and the Day Of the mother these dates are the days of greatest demand for flowers in the United States and the flowers are achieved in many commercial establishments such as shops, Stores and street sales.

With all this we can say that the United States is the main importer of flowers in the world since its climatic conditions do not allow to produce some species of flowers in its national territory, this reason It has conditioned the country to buy roses, carnations, daisies and other tropical flowers to Latin American countries.